Covid-19 Disinfection

Neptune provide a disinfecting service that uses non-contact Fogging, Misting and Spraying suitable for all indoor and outdoor areas. We are all aware that we have to learn to live with Covid-19 for the foreseeable future and with this in mind we must take every precaution possible to safeguard our places of work and educational centres. 

- Our methods ensure 100% coverage of all surfaces.

- The disinfectant we use meets BS EN 1276 Food Safe Standards.

- A comprehensive Disinfecting Plan can be designed in response to your operations to suit your needs.

- Our staff are trained and certified to carry out Disinfection Services.

- We are fully insured to carry out Disinfection Works.


Suitable for high touch areas in:

Educational Centres: Doors & Handles, Common Areas, Desks, Chairs, Tables, Computer Equipment, Printers, Floors, Walls, Lunch Areas, Toilets and all high touch points, Exterior Play Equipment and Bike Sheds

Office Settings: Doors & Handles, Reception Areas, Desks, Chairs, Computer Equipment, Printers, Floors, Walls, Canteen Areas, Food Preparation & Services Areas, Toilets and all high touch points for both hard and soft fabric materials

Factory settings: Production lines, Plant, Equipment, Control Stations, Handrails, Tools, Stillages, Lifting Equipment, Canteen Area, Toilets, Changing rooms, Work-Stations and all high touch points as required

External Areas: Seating Areas, Smoking Areas, Turnstiles, Bike Racks, Car-Park Entrances, Intercoms, Handrails, Post Boxes, Bins, Gates and other high touch points

Benefits of Disinfection for your business:

Every business is required to put a Covid-19 Action Plan in place.  A Disinfecting Plan for all work areas will need to be part of your business Covid-19 Action Plan

Employee Health & Safety – Employers need to do everything in their power to protect employees health & safety and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace

Employee Confidence – Employees will be hesitant to return to work for employers who are not taking every possible measure to protect the health & safety of employees, and the health & safety of their families

Business Disruption Costs – Prevention is the best approach.  An outbreak of Covid-19 among staff will result in serious business disruption and costs related to further shutdowns

Supplier/Customer Confidence – Suppliers and Customers will expect and require your business to take adequate measures to protect the health and safety of people on your business premises, and people interacting with your employees

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