Neptune Site Services can provide a professional and timely service for all your leak detection needs whatever your situation, be it residential or commercial. If you have a leak, we will find it. All of our water services engineers have been trained by the industry leaders in leak detection in Germany.

We use the most up to date methods including the use of;


-Tracer Gas,

-Noise Loggers,

-Correlation equipment.

We can offer professional advice on the outcome of your survey, including the repair or upgrade of your existing services.

Water leaks can cost a business thousands of euro each year if left unresolved. If you think you have a leak contact us and we will thoroughly check your water supply and provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the recommended steps to solve the problem as well as advice on how to safe guard your water network for the future.

In residential units water leaks can cause damp interior walls if close to the foundation of houses. With a simple survey we can determine where and how much water is being lost and a solution to the issue. 

With current climate change, emphasis on water conservation is vital. If you think you have a leak, call us for a free quotation today.