We use our specialist UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to create topographical 3D modelling aerial surveys of both terrain and structures. Our Drone Pilots are all licenced by the Irish Aviation Authority and follow the strict guidelines for flying a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Our UAV works in conjunction with the latest software and GPS technology to pre-plan flights using automated flight grids to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the survey.

The UAV takes overlapping photos along the automated grid which we use to create a 3D model of the area. Our Surveyors can implement ground control points to increase the accuracy of our surveys depending on our client’s requirements.

We process all the information attained from the Aerial Survey and can tailor the outputs through our specialist software to suit your needs.

We can produce surveys with an accuracy of +/- 20mm and in a far superior timeframe than can be otherwise achieved by traditional methods.

A Drone Survey can cover hundreds of acres in a matter of hours and is a safer method of attaining the information you need. This technology increases the speed at which survey data is captured thus reducing the overall cost of a project.