Water Meters record the usage of a water network, generally located at the entrance to a housing development or main supply to a commercial or residential unit. 

Water meter logging can determine the usage of a business or residential unit and can provide useful information to the consumption of a premises. This can be invaluable in determining if there is a leak or if there is an unusually high consumption. 

The importance of conserving water is becoming ever more important within our environment. An un-managed water supply can cost a business thousands of euro a year. It is vitally important that any business with a high-water consumption manages and monitors their water usage. 

We use a specific Water Meter Logger that has the capability to electronically transmit data on water usage on a daily basis, therefore we can remotely determine the daily usage of a business or housing development. This allows for fast and accurate data to reach the client every day. They can be installed for a set period of time or indefinitely depending on your needs.

The information recorded can help companies manage their water usage better and thus reducing costs.

Water meter logging equipment