What happens when a business or a property management company takes over a new premises? How can they manage and maintain the underground infrastructure? All to often the only information available are planning drawings which do not accurately represent the actual underground utilities network.

At Neptune Site Services we believe ‘’you cannot manage what you cannot measure’’ and so we provide an Underground Utilities Asset Management Plan. Your UUAMP consists of a compilation of Surveys, Reports, As-constructed drawings, Specifications and a Maintenance schedule to suit your properties requirements.

The UUAMP is an essential tool for; the preventative maintenance of underground infrastructure, ensuring your network is in compliance with the relevant standards, records for future development on your premises and for ease of distribution of information as required.

Who are we working with?

-Property Management Companies

-Commercial Property Owners

-Private Residential Developments Owners Management Companies

-Consultant Engineers


Why carry out a UUAMP?

  1. Identification of the as constructed location of all underground services
  2. Report all defects and depreciation of underground services
  3. In order to prevent costly future failures
  4. Specification of all components of underground services
  5. Ensure all services are fit for purpose and compliant with the relevant standards
  6. Health and safety of personnel on the premises.
  7. Provide a records database of underground assets
  8. Environmental hazard control and prevention
  9. In order to implement a site-specific maintenance plan
  10. Essential information for planning of all future development on the premises


What is included in your UUAMP?

An Initial site visit is carried out and Client Consultation to determine the scope of works and services required. Below is a non-exhaustive list of possible surveys and reports which may be included in your UUAMP

-Topographical Survey and Labelled Plan including;

- Storm and Foul Drainage, Gullies, ESB, Fibre Optic, Gas, Roads, Kerbing, Footpaths Boundaries, Tanks,    Manholes, Trees, Landscaping, etc

-Ground Penetrating Radar GPR

-Jet Power Cleaning of Storm and Foul Pipe Systems including gullies,

-CCTV Survey and Report of Storm and Foul Pipe Systems,

-Manhole Covers and Chambers Conditional Survey and Report,

-Petrol Interceptor Condition and Operation Report,

-Hydro Brake Condition and Operation Report,

-Storage tanks Condition and Operation Report,

-Fire Hydrant Survey and Operation report,

-Sluice Valve Survey and Operation report,

-Air Valve Survey and Operation report,

-Pressure Regulating Valve Survey and Operation report,  

-Water Meter Logging,

-Leak Detection Survey and Report,

-Fibre Optic Chamber Conditional Survey,

-Pump Station Inspection and Report,

-Waste Water Treatment Plant Inspection,

-Public Lighting Report,

-Additional above ground services including;

-Pedestrian and vehicular signage and line marking,

-Safe pedestrian access and egress routes.


Upon completion of the required Surveys we shall compile a:

-Costing to rectify both defective and non-compliant assets,

-Comprehensive Underground Utilities Asset Report detailing the annual scheduling of maintenance of such assets.