Neptune Site Services provide a Fire Hydrant Testing recording flow and pressure in accordance with standards specified in BS 9990. We also carry out a thorough examination of the condition, accessibility and visibility of each individual Fire Hydrant on a premises. 

Fire Hydrants are key to minimising the risk to loss of life and the damage to property in the event of a fire.

Fire Hydrants should be tested annually ensuring their flow and pressure meets the required levels for the area it serves. This annual maintenance test is a necessity for Management Companies, Commercial business, Schools, Hospitals and Local authorities. Your insurance policy may be affected if you do not maintain and test your Fire Hydrants annually. 

We can provide a test with a digitally recorded reading and a computer-generated output report using the very latest in Fire Hydrant testing technology the TSI Flowmaster 250DL. Upon completion of the examination and test we shall provide you with a Fire Hydrant Certificate for the year.

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Fire hydrant testing equipment